Please download and install the Jay directory were J can find it so that you can:
   load 'Tools.ijs'
Alternately, you can install the file:
and modify it so that Tools.ijs is automatically loaded where you begin J.

While I like a text editor for writing code, I prefer )Save and )Load commands for saving nouns as I think through an idea. Since I was writing a toolkit to make writing code easier, I decided to try my hand at a few verbs which behave like those APL system commands.

If there are any similarly minded developers, I'd appreciate feedback on my efforts. Tools.ijs is built from several files. Each file adds a line to the noun Tools, as a brief indication of what is available.

Most of the names can be used or ignored, as you choose. However, please note that the verbs which implement an APL command set, all force the locale to base, before they do their work. These verbs are:
   Clear  Copy  Include  Load  Save

Load, Save, and Wsid all remember the last non empty argument. Once set, this Wsid is provided for Copy, Load and Save when an empty argument is provided. Save makes an attempt to preserve character nouns as readable. However, some characters are damaged by the process of defining them, so some character values will appear as integers indexing a.

Please send your feedback to: